Global Tactical Buyer Raw Materials


The global procurement of raw materials at a tactical and strategic level: as Global Tactical Buyer Raw Materials you will be in a responsible position. You will select, evaluate and negotiate contracts with suppliers always keeping in mind: raw materials are of strategic importance to Bolidt. Without raw materials production will come to a halt and with that, our projects around the world.
At the same time, you know how volatile the procurement of raw materials can be. You therefore constantly monitor the market for raw materials. You have sharp analytical skills and are able to ‘read’ price movements. You will use that insight to responsibly manage risks and always make deliberate decisions: do you agree the purchase of a raw material over a longer period of time with the benefit of a constant price? Or do you want to take advantage of the moment accepting the risk of strong price fluctuation?

Even more important than the price is the availability of raw materials. Being on top the raw materials market, you are able to identify potential shortages. While Bolidt predominantly works with European suppliers, base ingredients may be sourced from other parts of the world. As developments there can cause shortages, you will keep abreast of what is going on in the wider world and anticipate opportunities and threats at an early stage. Force majeure rarely appears out of thin air, but if it does, you are able to react quickly. Procurement also requires foresight. With the Kraljic portfolio in mind, you maintain a constant dialogue with R&D about substitutes for strategic and bottleneck raw materials. You will put the pressure on when needed: anything to reduce the dependence on certain raw materials.


Purchasing is in a constant state of flux: its role is changing from ordering to negotiating terms

Coen Geerdink


About you

By setting and achieving concrete purchasing objectives, you will make an important contribution to extending Bolidt’s value stream. You will keep a close eye on the results and take timely action in case of deviations. By selecting suppliers based on their environmental performance, you will also contribute to realising Bolidt’s sustainability ambitions.

As a Tactical Buyer you will look beyond day-to-day tasks and consistently think about ways to improve the existing purchasing processes. Innovation takes centre stage at Bolidt; a certain degree of creativity is therefore required. You know how to transform your ideas into concrete projects and effect changes within Bolidt.

Other tasks

  • Analyse and manage spend;
  • Specify and define KPIs;
  • Issue tenders for leverage raw materials (quarterly);
  • Evaluate supplier performance and maintain the supplier evaluation system;
  • Maintain the non-conformity register, paying special attention to safety and environment;
  • Actively look for substitute raw materials with a lower impact on the environment.




1:3 and 3:1 principle

Together with the Global Tactical Buyer Subcontractors and the Global Tactical Buyer NPR you will work as part of a self-managing team. Procurement at Bolidt has a Lean structure, using the 1:3 & 3:1 principle. This means that you need to be able to take over tasks from your immediate colleagues. If necessary, you will also support the team on an operational level.

You will report to the director/owner of Bolidt. That may sound hierarchical, but in reality Bolidt is a flat organisation: you can just walk into his office. You will provide relevant management information in weekly reports on the current procurement situation: what is the spend, what is the status regarding the bottleneck raw materials, which substitutes have been identified, what about the delivery times? That report does not contain any surprises: your goal is to make the procurement of raw materials as predictable as possible. You do not like putting out fires. By creating basic stability, you are able to keep improving procurement performance.

You operate independently, but also enjoy working together, creating a pleasant working environment that allows colleagues in Procurement to reach their full potential professionally and as a team. In addition to being service minded, you communicate easily with colleagues in other departments like Production, R&D and Goods Reception. Maintaining and deepening relationships with suppliers, for instance through co-makerships, cross-selling and working together on sustainability, comes just as easily to you.

Additionally: You have a bachelor’s or, even better, a master’s degree (in chemistry). You also have at least 5 years of relevant work experience. Experience with Navision would be an advantage and an intrinsic motivation for sustainability even more so. You have excellent Dutch and English language skills.


Step 1. Apply in your preferred way.

Step 2. You will be invited by our recruiter Ezra for a first interview.

Step 3. Through to the second round, you will have an interview with the manager of the department.

Step 4. We will come back with a proposal.

What we offer

A challenging and very varied role. You will be working in a creative company, which develops the most fantastic applications for synthetics every day. Where initiative is rewarded and you will have every opportunity to grow. As a buyer and as a person.


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